Thursday, December 2, 2010

Local Monrovia Photographer Frank Zgonc Exhibits work in Downtown LA ArtWalk, 2010!

A local photographer from Monrovia, California, Frank Zgonc, 
exhibits his work in the controversial Downtown LA Artwalk 
at Bolt Barbers on October 14th, 2010.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2010
Story and Photojournal by Ginger Van Hook

The Downtown Los Angeles ArtWalk is controversial because this monthly art trekking exercise through the city has already attracted crowds of well over 10,000 art lovers, patrons and lookieloos; but these numbers don't bother Frank Zgonc, the local photographer from Monrovia who exhibited his landscapes and unique scenes at a popular local hangout on Main Street in Downtown LA. As a matter of fact, most people on the street were quite comfortable perusing the galleries, shops, museums and  eateries that dot the sidewalks in a revitalized artist community where being creative is the key to this area's success. There was a complementary police presence in addition to the facepainters, bodypainters, glow-in-the dark art, and legitimate big name art stars reflecting the LA culture hanging in front gallery windows on every block. For all the hype, a controversy about who's going to pay for what, as in the clean-up from the afterparties, this crowd looked happy, enthusiastic, and hungry for more art, not to mention good food, and at Bolt Barbers, a nice haircut too! 

Artist Zareh exhibits drawings at the Downtown LA Artwalk. 
Photos by Ginger Van Hook©2010
Artists Zareh and Rouzanna Berberian, Downtown Los Angeles
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2010

Fine Art Trekkin Downtown LA, Ginger Van Hook 
is pictured between artists Zareh and Rouzanna Berberian.

Rouzanna Berberian unlocks the door to the safe 
containing all the artwork in Los Angeles.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2010

There is no limit to the treasures of artwork that exist in Los Angeles
 the vault is open... 
come in and enjoy! 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2010