Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monrovia Celebrates the Arts Where Culture Unites 2009

Monrovia Association of Fine Arts partnered with the Nuvein Organization to bring a unique vision of the arts to a revitalized Monrovia Library Park on October 10th and 11th, 2009. Fine Art Trekkin through the community of Monrovia we witnessed the President of the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts, Mr. Bill Beebe presenting the 2009 Featured Artist Award to Rouzanna Berberian.

Rouzanna Berberian of Monrovia, California accepted the 2009 Featured Artist Award for excellence in the art of Painting and Drawing. Additionally, Rouzanna Berberian is recognized for her consistent service to the community working with children in the After School Arts program as well as the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts. Here she is pictured being interviewed by CameraMan and Editor Danny Assad.

Rouzanna Berberian displays her award which was hand made and engraved by the dedicated artists at Paint N Play. Rouzanna is standing in front of one of her paintings and the background displays some of her drawings as well.

Portrait of Rouzanna Berberian, Monrovia, California
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Portrait of Rouzanna Berberian and her dog Nellie.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Frank Zgonc displays his artistic rendition of the petals of a purple orchid in his photographic style for which he was recognized as the Featured Artist in 2008. Additionally Frank Zgonc was recognized for his service to the community of Monrovia as well as The Monrovia Association of Fine Arts for his dedicated volunteer work over many years and his current status as Vice President of M.A.F.A. Frank Zgonc is also the juror for the October Fine Arts Festival.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

The 2010 Featured Artist was announced at this year's October Arts Festival as
Ginger Van Hook, Photographer, Writer and Artist. Additionally Mrs. Van Hook is recognized for her work as the Press Liaison for the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts since 2005.

Ginger Van Hook displays her winning tomatoes at the 2009 Monrovia Association of Fine Arts October Arts Festival. Ginger credits the success of her tomatoes to her participation in a garden art project spearheaded by Beverly Hills artist Linda Kunik called "Plant It Forward".
Additionally Ginger Van Hook started her first blog in 2007 called Ginger's Art Journal. In her first entry, Ginger reported on the art opening at the TAG Gallery in Santa Monica where her husband Luke Van Hook showed his work. In 2009, Ginger and Luke developed a new blog series called Fine Art Trekkin where Ginger Van Hook developed her style of Fine Arts Journalism dedicating herself to reporting on local fine artists and artwork in local venues arranged by cities in California and places where she and her husband have travelled to.
Ginger also credits her first blog to her mentor Frank Zgonc for encouraging her to create her stories online.
Blog postings include some of the following local cities and communities:

Additional blogs with current work by Ginger Van Hook
and Luke Van Hook can be found at:

Photographer Andy Petrell, enjoys the classic black and white photography,
a talent for which he has become renowned in his community.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook, Monrovia Arts Festival October 10, 2009

Celebrating a unique vision of the fine arts was the Comic Book convention held inside the Monrovia Library Park. Photo by Ginger Van Hook, October 10, 2009

A unique pet among the visitors to Monrovia Library Park, this little piggy went to the art fair and enjoyed eating the grass. Typical pets that roamed in the park with their owners included Greyhound dogs, Chows, Akitas, Jack Russel Terriers, Cats on leashes, Labrador Retreivers as well as dogs of mixed breeds. By the sheer love and training from his owners, this little piggy was introduced to the fine arts and therefore was among one of the most cultured and well behaved of all the visitors; which goes to show that art has far reaching influence on all of God's creatures.

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